GODSENT in Zukunft ohne dennis und znajder

16.11.2017 13:05

imageAndreas ‚znajder‘ Lindberg und Dennis ‚dennis‘ Edman sind nicht mehr Teil des aktiven GODSENT-Lineups. Wie die Organisation auf ihrer Internetpräsenz verkündete, kommt man Lindbergs Wunsch nach sich einer neuen Herausforderung zu stellen und löste den Vertrag im Einvernehmen auf. Edman hingegen wird vorerst auf die Ersatzbank gesetzt, während man auf Angebote für den Spieler wartet. Ersetzt werden Beide vorerst durch Hampus ‚hampus‘ Poser und Jacob ‚pyth‘ Mourujärvi.

Statement Kasper Hvidt, Sportdirektor

We have had an ongoing dialogue with Andreas, like we do with all players, and during our talks, it became clear that he had a wish to try something new in his career. Andreas has always been dedicated and loyal to GODSENT, and it is the best solution for both parties to part ways now. From the day he stepped in, he has been a valuable player for the team, and we truly wish him all the best in the future. Dennis is an experienced, extremely skilled and passionate player, but the fit with the remaining roster never materialised. The team has shown that on good days they can beat most any team, but the unrest within the team has resulted in high inconsistency and results far below the expected. We’ve thus decided to make Dennis available for a transfer to another team and are open for offers from teams interested in buying out his contract.

Aktuelles Lineup GODSENT
Flagge Fredrik ‚freddieb‘ Buö
Flagge Simon ‚twist‘ Eliasson
Flagge Joakim ‚disco doplan‘ Gidetun
Flagge Hampus ‚hampus‘ Poser (Stand-In)
Flagge Jacob ‚pyth‘ Mourujärvi (Stand-In)

Flagge Niko ’naSu‘ Kovanen (Coach)

Flagge Dennis ‚dennis‘ Edman (Ersatz)
Flagge Markus ‚pronax‘ Wallsten (Ersatz)

Jonas Bugaj